dr Arkadiusz Sekściński
Wiceprezes, Wind Industry Hub
dr Arkadiusz Sekściński
Wiceprezes, Wind Industry Hub

Dr. Arkadiusz Sekściński - manager with over 15 years of experience in the energy sector. He worked for the largest Polish energy companies (PGE Capital Group, Orlen, PGNiG) where he implemented onshore and offshore wind projects, PV projects, battery storage projects and Power-to-gas. He cooperated with energy industry startups and CVC funds. A graduate of the University of Warsaw and Lazarski University, participant of foreign scholarships and internships (Athens, Brussels, Bergen).


Can green energy drive a just transformation of regions?
  • 16:30 - 18:00
  • 90 min
  • Ballroom "B", first floor

Debate Moderator: Piotr Czopek, Director of Regulations, Polish Wind Energy Association


•  Adam Skowron, City Councillor of Katowice

•  Piotr Rogóż, President of the Board, ENGIE Zielona Energia

•  Katarzyna Suchcicka, President, OX2 Polska

•  Michał Hetmański, President of the Management Board and Co-founder, Instrat Foundation

•  Łukasz Musiałkiewicz, Chief Executive Officer, Enefit Polska

In the public sphere, considerable attention is devoted to the challenges associated with energy transformation. One of the primary arguments against changes in the energy sector revolves around concerns about job loss and production limitations in sectors tied to conventional energy and mining. During the panel discussion, we will address the challenges arising from transformation in the context of Silesia and regions where mining and conventional energy played pivotal roles. We'll delve into industry, its current needs, the imperative of maintaining competitiveness in foreign markets, and how renewable energy fits into this equation. Discussion will also encompass employment issues, reskilling, education, job creation, and the lack of qualified workers in today's labor market concerning renewable energy development. We'll seek to answer whether green energy can drive a fair regional transformation and how to leverage it to maximize benefits for local industries.


WORKSHOP: Green Energy for Offshore Supply Chain
WORKSHOP: Green Energy for Offshore Supply Chain
  • 13:15 - 14:15
  • 60 min
  • Room 23, First Floor


Offshore wind energy will become a significant element of the Polish electricity sector in the coming years. However, before this happens, the Polish industry will participate in the construction of this sector. From the perspective of entities implementing such investments, it is extremely important for the entire production chain to be based on the minimization of the carbon footprint. During the workshop, we will learn why green energy in the production process of components for the offshore sector will be significant and how to approach this process. Good practices in creating "green" supply chains will also be discussed, along with the benefits they have brought to companies that have implemented such an approach.

Moderator: dr Arkadiusz Sekściński, Wiceprezes Fundacji Wind Industry Hub

Discussion Participants:

  • Włodzimierz Pomierny - Ekspert, Agencja Rozwoju Przemysłu
  • Jakub Wnuczyński - CEO, Baltic Towers 
  • Maciej Kowalski - CEO, Ignitis Polska 

Panel Partner: Wind Industry Hub

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