Bartosz Kwiatkowski
Director, Frank Bold
Bartosz Kwiatkowski
Director, Frank Bold

A lawyer with 14 powers in environmental protection law, anti-corruption law and transparency of public life. Director of the Frank Bold Foundation, vice-president of the Polish Institute of Human Rights and Business, member of the Program Council of the Tak - Odkrywki Nie Development Foundation and member of the Frank Bold law firm.

Polish legal expert and unique non-governmental organization, academic lecturer and scientist in the field of development and ESG, co-author of the largest non-financial study of companies in the European Union. Member of the working group for the development of non-financial reporting at the Minister of Finance, working group for due diligence operating at the Minister of Funds and Regional Policy, and an expert of the Local Research Correspondents on Corruption network at the European Commission. Author of notifications under the OECD NCP procedures regarding violations of OECD security for multinational enterprises in the field of human rights and environmental protection.


Green Energy in Industry and ESG Panel: How Companies Utilize Green Energy in ESG Reporting?
Green Energy in Industry and ESG Panel: How Companies Utilize Green Energy in ESG Reporting?
  • 11:15 - 12:15
  • 60 min
  • Room 24, First Floor


ESG is one of the key topics discussed at almost every conference today. While in the past, implementing ESG indicators was trendy, it has now become necessary for many companies due to European Union regulations. The number of entities subject to this obligation will increase year by year. The implementation of ESG standards is considered in almost every business strategy. The provisions of the CSRD directive set the direction for the development of European businesses. Moreover, issues related to ESG are increasingly being analyzed by banks and other financial institutions. The ESG theme is directly related to renewable energy sources because the share of green energy in ESG reporting is one of the most important elements in environmental standards. Currently, there is also increasing talk about greenwashing, which ESG standards aim to prevent, protecting consumers from false "green PR" used by some companies. During the panel, the forms of utilizing green energy in industry will be analyzed in terms of meeting ESG standards.

Panel Moderator: Anna Kornecka, President, ESG Impact Network


• Damian Bąbka, Chief Investment Officer, Qair Polska

• Mirosław Motyka, President of the Management Board, Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the Metallurgical Industry

• Bartosz Kwiatkowski, Director, Frank Bold

Michał Hetmański, President of the Management Board and Co-founder, Instrat Foundation

• Mateusz Madejski, Director of Sales and Marketing, ENGIE Zielona Energia Sp. z o.o.

• Marcin Dobrzański, Maintenance and Facilities Manager, Decathlon Polska

Panelu Partner: Qair Polska

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